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Studio Associato Luppi has its headquarters in Belgioioso Palace, a landmark building, subject to the Landmark Preservation Law (Law 1089, 1st June 1939).

The following is a brief description of  Belgioioso Palace taken from Milan in the 18th century: views of Milanese Buildings: Engrawings by Marc'Antonio Dal Re, edited by Adele Mazzotta Buratti (Milan, Edizioni Il Polifilo, 1976).


On the corner of Via Lentasio and Via Sant’Eufemia, this palace was built in the first half of the 18th century for  Countess Barbara Belgioioso on one of the most popular blocks in the city. This massive  building, whose facade has fifteen windows and two front doors on the ground floor, is  surrounded by  simple  middle-class structures, and therefore stands out uniquely. It is probably the work of   Giacomo Muttone, an architect who formed part of the architect Ruggeri's school. Incidentally, at the time that Muttone was doing Belgioioso Palace, he was also working for  Marquis Novate, renovating his eighteenth-century mansion in Merate, and this mansion was soon to be inherited by Countess Belgioioso, in 1749.

Belgioioso Palace, recalls Ruggeri’s style; in particular, it closely resembles one of Ruggeri's finest structures, the Cusani Palace. For the three-floor front is in the same manner, with the two portals and with the central balcony, to interrupt the building's length. However, the architectural elements are simpler here than in the Cusani Palace. The windows here are trimmed with smooth cornices and the portals, though decorated in the eighteenth-century Baroque manner, completely lack the vertical impulse and the  light-and-shadow effects that are distinctive of  Ruggeri’s style. Here, on the contrary, the rhythmical recurrence of  windows, underlined by a  long string fillet, emphasises the horizontal development of the facade. However, because via Sant'Eufemia is very narrow, this horizontal expanse cannot be seen as a whole.

The inside of Belgioioso Palace is built around two courtyards. One is a service courtyard, giving access to the stables, the provision cellars and the servants’ quarters. The other, the  main courtyard, is an open gallery with Tuscan columns. The countess's apartments overlooked this court. The rooms in her apartments, like those in other noble houses of the era, were a series of halls and lounges decorated with stucco works and carved wooden doors, and furnished with beautiful eighteen-century furniture. The fourth side of the main courtyard originally  opened onto a broad and luxurious garden. In Countess Belgioioso's day, it was one of the most famous gardens in Milan. Indeed, as "Bosco Parrasio" (Wood Paradise), this garden served as the site for meetings of the Arcadians’ club .

Belgioioso Palace was damaged by the Second World War. It was renovated, with a fourth   floor being added, and the garden was removed.

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